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What Clae Is

Clae is a ceramic studio housed in a fabulous vintage warehouse that embraces all good things pottery.  This is a special space that combines pottery classes and bespoke local products. 
In the large light infused studio you can take a variety of classes that use sustainable materials and methods with the aim to produce unique locally infused objects to love. Experienced tutors will lead you through a series of classes in a warm and welcoming environment with ease and success.


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Determined Artists

Sisters Natasha English and Tatyanna Meharry share a common artist interest, and both live in Christchurch, Aotearoa.  They have been working within the arts industry for over 20 years and bring considerable knowledge of design, teaching and ceramic art & technology to Clae. In 2020 they came together to collaborate on a studio that would celebrate all aspects of ceramics in a local and sustainable way.  They are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge with others to enable a vibrant community of makers where treasures can be created.

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A Home for Artists

Clae also produces pottery making kitsets with bespoke projects, local clay, beautiful handmade pottery tools and thoughtful ceramic items for the home. All of these have a local flavor from the materials that are used to the people who make them and all are proudly made in Aotearoa. The sisters are inspired to share the ancient craft of pottery and the magical alchemic transformation of clay into ceramic treasure.